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How to prepare and pass the screening in Chinese airlines?


Nowadays, more and more pilots from all over the world are being attracted by Chinese airlines. Competitive salary, flexible terms and conditions,

comfortable living environments, all the factors make foreign pilots rush to Chinese aviation market.

However, as you may know, the screening in China is not easy to pass, many candidates would say it’s quite tough; hereby we would like to share

some useful common information for you to well prepare for the screening in Chinese Airlines.


Normally the screening for pilots consists of medical check/company simulator check/ATP written test/CAAC simulator check.


Medical Check


To be honest, the medical check in China is much stricter than anywhere else in the world. You need to be very careful, the check consists of Treadmill (above age 40 only) /ECG(heart)/Type-B ultrasonic /Blood & Urine test (without breakfast) /Eye check/ENT/Internal & Surgery Check/ Chest

X-rays / Hearing/ EEG(brain), lots of candidates meet the problems of high blood pressure, kidney stones, and the heart disease. Also you need to

pay attention that if you have done any kind of surgery before or you are taking any medicine for treatments ( the urine test will find out and the

CAAC doctor may consider you are taking any drugs).

Here are some tips for you to refer regarding the medical check:


Arrive in China 2-3 days earlier before the screening to have a good rest, especially for some candidates who suffer the jet-leg, which will make them really hard to focus and relax, and sometimes it will bring high pressure and cause the bad result of medical check.

More exercise, less meat and alcohol, stop smoking (sometimes smoking will cause high blood pressure), get enough sleep to keep in good


If you do have high blood pressure or stones in your kidney, you can go to see a doctor and follow doctor’s advice to take some medicine, after s

table the blood pressure or remove the stone, you can come to take the medical check.

Some CAAC doctors require the candidates to bring the bifocal lens as well as the optometrists sheet which shows their glasses degree if needed.

Simulator Check in China


Many candidates are not clear about the Chinese instructor’s style and the key points of the check, many pilots who can fly well in their normal flights failed in simulator check as they do not know how to perform well during the check. Hereby, we conclude the following tips of Chinese simulator test

for foreign pilots.


The most common way for Chinese instructor to check if the candidates is an excellent pilot with good fly skills are like these:


Steep turns

Three kinds of stall: clean configuration stall, turning stall and landing configuration stall.

One engine failed without FD

Cross winds

Cabin depressurization

Emergency descend


Normally the SIM will last for 2 to 4 hours, depends on the airlines arrangement.

We suggest candidates practice above key items a few times before come to take the simulator check, buy some SIM time to better prepare for the

interview, trust us, it's worth it.

Whats more, some Chinese instructors told us that candidates should show their confidence during the SIM check, especially for captains. Don’t

worry about the operational difference in your country and China, and just doing what you normally do as a captain should be fine.

For the CAAC SIM check, the procedure are almost the same, show your respect to the CAAC instructor and try to make good impression are also



ATPL written test


The ATPL written test will last 2.5 hours with 100 questions, you need to get 70% to pass. If you fail in the test, you have a second chance 28 days

later. With careful reviewing the ATPL study materials that we can provide, you will have no problem to pass.




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