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Xiamen Airlines' "United Dream" aircraft will be tasked with special operations -- the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) themed flights -- starting from August 12. Events related to sustainable development goals and themed souvenirs await passengers aboard to explore.


The theme for the first month, inspired by International Youth Day established by United Nations, is "Youth and the Earth". The first themed flight takes off on August 12. Xiamen Airlines encourages passengers to shoulder their responsibilities in implementing Sustainable Development Goals and protecting our home planet.


"Welcome aboard Xiamen Airlines' SDGs-themed flight," the cabin crew warmly greets the passengers. In the cabin, we come into the view of overhead compartments and cabin walls decorated with thematic stickers, and headpieces of all seats changed into the joint logo of Xiamen Airlines and the UN SDGs. The new sticker materials is selected for its one month long-lasting durability, to conduct less energy consumption. The "Earth Guardians" on the stickers represents the vigor and enthusiasm of youth, tells about the endangered animals and climate change, and highlights the goals of "Climate Action", "Life Below Water", and "Life on Land". It aims to call for each passenger's effort to heal our planet.


In addition to cabin configuration, Xiamen Airlines also communicates the concept of Sustainable Development through souvenirs for passengers. An "United Dream" gift set is prepared for every passenger. The gift set includes an eco-friendly bag, a notebook, an SDGs key chain, and a sports bottle, all made of recyclable materials. This helps advocate for the usage of eco-friendly materials in daily life, as a joint action to carry out SDGs.


For in-flight meal, Xiamen Airlines has designed theme-related meal boxes in aqua blue, a color symbolizing the SDG of "Life Below Water", and prepares shell-shaped chocolates for passengers aiming to arouse attention to eco-environmental protection.


In-flight event starts with the cabin crew initially invite outstanding young leaders to share their experiences in Sustainable Development. "It is impressive how Xiamen Airlines is actively taking on social responsibility to promote the idea of Sustainable Development. I look forward to our partnership in fostering environmental protection. On 'United Dream' aircraft, we urge more people to become green citizens, to tackle challenges in environment and development in concerted efforts," states He Miao, a special guest from Friends of Nature, the first nationwide environmental NGO in China.


In the event, passengers are encouraged to share their support and claim their goals in Sustainable Development. Lu, a nine-year-old girl from Beijing remarks that during this flight, she has learnt more about the importance of environmental protection, and for that she will ride public transportation more frequently and use fewer plastic bags - these are what she can do to protect our Mother Earth. Knowledge and inspiration from SDGs that passengers should gain, is what responsibility Xiamen Airlines should take on, this is the purpose.


On February 15, 2017, Xiamen Airlines became the first global partner with the United Nations on sustainable development goals. In January 2018, Xiamen Airlines accepted the only specially painted aircraft officially recognized by the UN, and the "United Dream" commenced its mission of transmitting the UN SDGs worldwide.


To perform its duty as "Image Ambassador in Air", Xiamen Airlines plans to normalize the themed flights with monthly themes derived from the UN SDGs. It orients a fully immersive thematic experience for passengers with various decorations and elements related to the themes.


In coming future, Xiamen Airlines will continuously update the themed flights with enriching connotation of Sustainable Development. Meanwhile, the "United Dream" aircraft will be tasked with flights on the airlines' premier routes. Through the company's global routes, the jet will spread the concept of Sustainable Development all around the world, thus enhancing public awareness of the UN SDGs.


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