Headquartered in Beijing, Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. (Air China Cargo) takes Shanghai as its main air freighter operation base and is China’s only

cargo airline operating with the national flag.

Air China Cargo was founded on December 12, 2003. Till December 2015, Air China Cargo has three B747-400 air freighters, eight B777F air 

freighters and four B757-200SF air freighters in total, with the latter as chartered planes for mail transport. Besides, Air China Cargo also enjoys the 

exclusive operation of all airliner bellyholds from Air China.

By December 2015, with Beijing and Shanghai as hubs, Air China Cargo had launched international, domestic and regional cargo flights to Europe’s 

Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zaragoza, the USA’s New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas, Japan’s Tokyo and Osaka, as well as Taipei, Chengdu,

Chongqing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Changchun and Shenyang.

Air China Cargo is the first and the only Chinese airline that allows captains who retire from  the company to be re-contract on one year contract, 

which can also be extended twice. Hence the captain can fly to the age of 63.


<Minimum Qualification>

-Less than 58 years of age at the start of the assignment

-500 hours of PIC on type

-2000 hours total PIC flying experience time

-Current on type within 12 months

-Valid ATPL license, valid passport, Medical Class 1

-Valid Category I instrument landing rating

-ICAO English Level 4 or above

-Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China

-No records of flight incidents/accidents, no license limitations

-The Crew member has been flying the current aircraft type within the past six months and the last proficiency check conducted for the 

purpose of validation of his license is still current.


<Terms & Conditions>


Contract Term:

 2 years, renewable



Beijing & Shanghai, China

Working Conditions : (Salary around 80 hours per month)

- Yearly payment : Around $204,000~$230,400/year

(for the beginning two years, excluding annual bonus)

- There is a monthly salary increase of US$500 after the renewal of the contract for every two years





<Initial Required Documents>

Please send us the following documents list as below:

1. Valid License and ICAO English certificate

2. Valid Medical Certificate Class1

3. Pilot Application form(ACC)

4. Last 6 pages of log book

5. Passport (photo page)

6. ICAO English Level 4 or above

7. Resume including flight hours

8. Medical check form

*The study materials will be provided after you submit all the required documents to us.



<Initial Screening>

Candidate should go through the following process before employment:

1.       Aviation Theory Exam (Chinese ATPL)

2.       Medical Check

3.       Company Simulator Assessment

4.       Interview

5.       CAAC Simulator Assessment



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